11/1/2017: Kaitlin Smrcina

New month, new #wirehousedaily artist! Warm welcomes to Chicago artist Kaitlin Smrcina who joins us with 30 pieces of art for the month of November!


Kaitlin holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago in Ceramics, Sculpture and Fiber Arts and Material Studies. She aims to consume the truths of dimensionality and prove the impossible is possible when imagination becomes reality. She will be displaying that over the next month through her series titled "You and My Mom Don't Really Like Bananas",  a 70’s resurgence with traditional art tropes. 

About the work Kaitlin says: "My usual work is heavily based on cartoons with loose, sometimes unintentional ties to sexuality, psychology, and philosophy. This series started differently than most of my work. Usually I have a “conceptual ideal” in mind before the making but with “You and my mom...” I did the work and then paid attention to the free association thought process that comes naturally when you are doing something simple, like drawing. I wanted to take the idea of classical, but crudely drawn, fruit and porcelain still lives and overlay them on a very luxurious contrasting background, like pink velvet. I was thinking of Juicy Couture or Gucci ad photoshoots, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, blinged out Blackberrys and T-Mobile Sidekicks. And while I searched for these backgrounds, thinking about cringeworthy “trends” and very much missing my own T-
mobile Sidekick, I stumbled upon some 70’s interior magazine photos that got me thinking about
cycles of resurgence in fashion, social practices, and just about everything. I am going to annoyingly say that history repeats itself and will probably never stop. But, when you truly understand that you feel like you've been alive forever. It’s incredibly frustrating and I cannot begin to imagine how it feels for someone born without my advantages. It’s scary thinking nothing is going to change and all you can do is be aware and do your best to treat everyone with respect because that’s an incredibly simple thing to do."

Check out Katilin's first work in the series below, and make sure to follow along all month to see how the work unfolds!