8/9/2016: Dustin & Whitney

Today's #wirehousedaily are both pieces to be read wherever you are, with a little bit of time. Enjoy.


An Idea by D.H. Currier

It is impossible to live in a major city, or even a minor one for that matter, without encountering a daily barrage of advertisements. Ads. Our brains, at odds with themselves, decided to give the devil on our shoulder a companion to help whisper the sweetest, most nothing-y nothings into our ears. You’re driving? Nevermind that - Buy Orbit gum. Listen to conservative talk radio. Check out how bald this one dude was… Now check out this guy who is definitely the same guy as the bald guy* but with hair now! Hey, don’t text and drive, though.

No one asked to be distracted, but collectively we remain amused.

Now I realize that the world - this world, our world - runs on ads. Distractions are what keep us on our toes, and ads are what keep our blessed Content free**. But what if we gave a companion to the altruistic, non-corporate angel with no hidden agenda or ulterior motives on our shoulder, too? Hey, you’re beautiful the way you are. Buy yourself some ‘you time.’ Listen to yourself. Try Kissing. But seriously, don’t text and drive***.

Just an idea.

*Actually a different guy
**Free of direct monetary charge, but not necessarily of time and brainspace occupation
***Ads paid for by Friendship©, Love©, and Positive Encouragement©


Complicated, Heavy Things by whitney lamora currier

Humans are complicated, heavy things
Filled with past present future baggage and damage
And I love that, on day one
We put it out there
Here is mine, show me yours
And we never stopped with that honesty
Sometimes, of course, we struggle
And stumble to let the words fall out and rip into that wound
But always it’s open, there to be stitched together
By your fingers, my fingers, sewn.

Humans are complicated, heavy things
Filled with short tempers and lack of patience
And I carry both with triumph and humility.
Somehow I found the steadfast calm of you
In this sea of locks and limbs, grabbing for one another
Life rafts often too big, too small, leaking fast
But you are strong, and rarely falter
Comprehending more about me than I could
A buoy in the ocean, a necessity
Even though I know how to swim.

Humans are complicated, heavy things
Filled with impossible tasks of trust and love
And on this day marking our third year of marriage
I get to reflect on how you make me simpler, lighter
Consistently saying yes, yes, of course, yes
Keeping up with my lightning tendencies
My grand ideas, my what’s next
And you do it with ease, and a perfect smile-
Consistently untangling my knots of life
With ease beyond my understanding.