8/6/2016: Dustin & Whitney

It's day 6 of #wirehousedaily, and your hosts have an instrumental guitar ditty and some burning questions for a certain Mr. Ludwig Van.


PAGE TURNER by D.H. Currier


Questions for Beethoven on his Fourth Concerto
by whitney lamora currier

Do you think when Beethoven was writing his Fourth Concerto he could have imagined the affordable spontaneous Friday night entertainment it would become?

I don’t know much about Beethoven but I wonder when the piece premiered in a luxurious private home performance that anyone in that room (the composer included) considered the possibility it would be played tens of thousands of times in public arenas for the next two hundred years (and likely much more)?

When he triumphantly composed the beginning movement Allegro moderato could he have imagined the outfits people would put no effort into when experiencing his music on a suburban lawn?

Did he imagine audience members would feel the need to entertain themselves by Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting, Snapchatting, or good old fashioned reading throughout the accomplishments of Andante con moto?

Could he have predicted the lack of audience understanding and decorum when it came to celebrating the piece? [Only at the end, never between movements]

What would his reaction have been when describing a mass amount of comfortably middle upper class adults giving in to the twilight and humidity and inevitably nodding off during the first half of the performance?

As the final movement Rondo (Vivace) came to a close with a swipe of his ink could he have considered the amount of people who would breathe a sigh of relief at this moment in order to compartmentalize their belongings once again and continue toward their goods-filled home base?

If he knew all of this, would he still have presented it in the home of Prince Joseph Franz von Lobkowitz- thrusting it into the world of creation?

Or would he have looked further- to find the child’s eyes who first experienced orchestral music that night?

Or the woman who had been counting down the days to hear this piece, his piece, played by her city’s best musicians?

Or those who just needed affordable spontaneous Friday night entertainment - and at some point or another, were moved?