8/25/2016: Dustin & Whitney

Happy Thursday everyone! Today we bring you a (shitty) futuristic 12-bar blues and a poem about reading. Enjoy.



*This song was technically "composed" by a human (me), but all the "instruments" aside from the voice were "performed" by GarageBand "smart instruments."


TL;DR by whitney lamora currier

I’m sorry but I don’t think I asked for a summary
Because my eyes and brain can still comprehend
Paragraphs, sentences, thoughts, words, punctuation

How long until our children are handed scripts
Or essays
Or novels
Or poetry
And they look up at us, with big doe eyes
Confused at having to dig into a work of literature
Without someone saying, forget it
Here’s the jist.

Romeo and Juliet? TL;DR Enemies fall in love and then die.
Catcher in the Rye? TL;DR Sad boy goes to school.
The Odyssey? TL;DR Man goes on long journey.

We already keep children inside
Throw electronics at them
Fill them with empty foods
Can we all agree to allow their eyes
To scan words and phrases
And pick up on meanings
Maybe we wouldn’t have thought otherwise?

Or did you stop reading
Long ago?