8/24/2016: Dustin & Whitney

We're in our final stretch here- one week to go. Get into today's offering that includes a reflective poem and a play dedicated to our sick neighbor.


The Perimeter of the Monument by D.H. Currier

I admire the trash
that litters the perimeter
of the monument
like a thousand
discarded x-mas gifts
beneath a marble pine,
or wind-scattered
tokens of grief
by the foot of a headstone.

I admire the people
who populate its area
sleeping off
demons and hangovers;
huddled, looking upward
at strangers
who hover like cultures
over their past
collective consciousness.


Dear Neighbor Who Has Had a Cold for the Past Three Years by whitney lamora currier

Whitney stands CS with a wicker basket in her arms. She addresses the audience in a 50s housewife manner (cheery, advertisey).


Dear Neighbor who has had a cold for the past three years - you live above us, you can’t keep it a secret from us. Yes, we were somehow able to mostly ignore it for the first year and a half / two years, but this past year has been pretty brutal.

We’ve heard the porch door open night after night, you step out onto your alley-facing deck, breathe deeply and hack your lungs out into the night.

We’ve heard the sneezes and the accompanying loud nose blows into hopefully Kleenex- to be thrown in what has to be an overflowing trashcan of tissues.

Your fits are so regular we actually thought you were playing a joke on us for a while. But- a year long joke seems like overkill. So it’s time we do something.

It seems pretty trivial, but- it appears you are unaware of the medications and medical services available to modern life. I can’t force you to go to a doctor, minute clinic or hospital- though I could name many within walking, driving distance, or within access of our cities convenient transit system.

I can however, fill this very basket with antibiotics, antihistamines, cough syrups, sleeping aids, and anything else I could find in the general medication section at Walgreens, an approximate seven minute walk from our apartment building.

Audience - please check under your seats, and help make our neighbor better!

Upbeat music plays. Audience members all discover cough, cold & flu medication under their seats and work to fill Whitney’s basket with items. She thanks them as she collects them, commenting on the items as she goes. When she hits center stage again, the music lowers.

Audience- let’s wish our neighbor a speedy recovery!

She leads them in a chant of FEEL BETTER SOON!
Until lights.