8/20/2016: Dustin & Whitney

Today's dosage of #wirehousedaily is an ode to Alex Jordan, Jr. and his fantastically weird attraction, House on the Rock - and it is actually a fruitful collaboration between Dustin & Whitney! She wrote the words, and he fashioned them into something resembling music.


FOR ALEX JORDAN, JR. by whitney lamora currier & D.H. Currier

Let’s get lost at House on the Rock
And understand how collections can overcome you.
A modern museum in loneliness-
An introvert’s carnival of wonders.
You choose when the bodies come to life-
To interact or retreat- save your coins.
But your life’s the show, anyhow.

Face your fears and follow infinity-
I’ll stick behind on more solid ground

And imagine you’re being swallowed by the trees.
Don’t go for too long, I need you with me
Through space and time, where the ceilings are low
And the questions are vast-
Even beyond the carousel.

We'll crane our necks under the mouth of the whale
And trace the squid’s demise.
I never wanted to be in the heart of the ocean,
But here we are,
In the middle of Wisconsin
In your home, left for us.