8/2/2016: Dustin & Whitney

Day 2 of the #wirehousedaily project, and our hosts have for us a couple new ditties of the audio and literary variety. Enjoy!



*A meditation on cheap keyboards and bad gear in an attempt to sketch out a catchy pop tune about making poor decisions in one's youth. By D.H. Currier.


by whitney lamora currier

I’m something like four pages and six signatures away from
Taking money that was promised to my father
And claiming it as my own

Because that's how inheritances work

And even though my father hasn’t had a bank account for
Seven years
My great uncle Maurice didn’t bother to change his will
And dedicated a portion of his life to his nieces and nephews.
But instead- two portions will go to
Great nieces
He never met

Isn’t that weird?

Like- here’s my money, stranger.
Sure- we had the same blood but
I preferred it to go to this person I knew before you-
Sorry I forgot
To change the paperwork.

I’d like to think if I had a will
(Which I don’t, other than late night blurry drunk promises to friends to
Things that belonged to me if I should perish soon)
And my intended humans had passed
That in order to get my life savings
You’d have to know a thing or two about me.

A sampling of questions:

  1. What boy band did she write fanfiction about?

  2. What tattoo did she regret the most?

  3. Describe the feeling that caring for animals gave her- especially when she was alone, or sad, or crying on the kitchen floor and they nudged her hands with their faces?

But for now I'll track down a notary-
Because who am I to turn down
A familial clerical error?