8/17/2016: Dustin & Whitney

On Day 16 of #wirehousedaily with the Curriers, we have a nostalgic lullaby for electric piano & cello and a play about cigarettes.



*below is a MIDI recording of the accompanying score - no real instruments were harmed during the making of this piece


NOTE: I wrote and performed this play during my eight week workshop with the NeoFuturists learning how to put together their long running show TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND. If you have not seen it- go see it this weekend. If you have seen it: go see it this weekend. And every weekend you can. Its magic.


By Whitney LaMora Currier

Whitney stands CS with a pack of Marlboro Ultra Lights. The entire ensemble stands throughout the space - first filling the stairs in between seats then onto the stage as well.

WHITNEY: This pack of cigarettes cost me $12.83 at a convenience store two blocks from my apartment in Logan Square. Twenty cigarettes are housed in here, costing each $.64.

All ensemble members hold a cigarette out in front of them.

ENSEMBLE 1: A cigarette is made of a filter, cigarette paper, tobacco, ink and glue.

As this section starts everyone tears the filters off their cigarettes and hold them out. When section ends, all drop filters to the floor.

ENSEMBLE 2: The filter is a mostly ineffective device made from fiber, paper, or charcoal that while mildly reduces tar, does absolutely nothing to prevent toxins such as carbon monoxide.

As this section starts everyone unravels the paper from around the cigarette, holding the tobacco in one hand and the paper out in front of them. When section ends, all drop papers to the floor.

ENSEMBLE 3: The paper is made from thin and lightweight rag fibers and while not too terribly harmful on it’s own, we’ve gone ahead and added chemicals for things such as lightening ash color for our smoking enjoyment.

Ensemble holds out their handful of tobacco.

ENSEMBLE 4: Tobacco contains nicotine, which is an addictive stimulant. Overuse can cause disease and death.

ENSEMBLE 5: In 2008, the World Health Organization named tobacco the single greatest cause of preventable death.

ENSEMBLE 6: The same year that the world’s leader in public health safety declared our nation a fool for allowing tobacco to continue to control and end lives,

WHITNEY: my father died at age 46 of stage 4 lung cancer.  If we put measures into place to ensure we’re monitoring health crises worldwide, then answer me why we don’t follow them, and why I can walk two blocks and spend $12.84 on twenty sticks of nicotine when we damn well know better.

Ensemble blow tobacco out of their hands. CURTAIN.