8/16/2016: Dustin & Whitney

We're at the halfway mark! We bring to you today a to-do list and a poem. Happy Tuesday.


Back-to-School To-Do List by D.H. Currier


  • settle up w/ financial aid/tuition payment
  • finish memorizing Bach Cello Suite No. 2 + start new piece (?)
  • acquire textbooks/supplies (notation paper, pens, folders, etc.)
  • get hair cut
  • get back into mental space for learning
    • meditate? practice mindfulness?
    • habituate reading
    • analyze guitar scores
  • go outside more
  • climb/work out more
  • confirm details w/ artists/venue for Wirehouse Series No. 5
  • remember to value free time at home
    • take mental photographs of simple affections, domestic happenings, etc.
    • capitalize on opportunities for cuddling
    • finish Stranger Things
    • make lifeline bracelets ($$$) like your life depends on it
    • learn how to be creative in the space you live in
    • figure out how to be the one to shake up the routine every once in a while
      • cook a goddamn meal from time to time
      • plan a weekend getaway
      • ?
  • reflect on how unreal it is to be alive & in love as relatively calm passengers on a gigantic rock speeding through space as a passenger itself inside of a moving vehicle of a galaxy that is speeding even faster through an even more unfathomably vast space


Rush Hour in the Loop by whitney lamora currier