8/14/2016: Dustin & Whitney

So, The Curriers had a whirlwind weekend and we missed Saturday's post. We hope you forgive us. Accept our apologies as the art presented below.


Space Echo Electric Piano Improv No. 1 by D.H. Currier


Cicada Season by whitney lamora currier


Cicadas to me are summer
Their chirps the soundtrack to my Missouri upbringing-
Especially when our home backed into a creek
And the trees overhanging our porch housed hundreds of them
And we’d listen, knowing that summer had finally arrived
And I’d chase their cousins, the fireflies, trapping them in jars of light.

The singing (as it’s referred to, in professional cicada realms)
Wards off predators, a constant yell of:
NO! Not here. Go elsewhere.
It’d be pretty fucking powerful
If we all banded together like the cicadas do
And yelled constantly about the matters that need to be heard the most:
NO! Not here. Go elsewhere.
Maybe they would.

Instead, we yell on trend, as they do on season
And like the cicada we travel inward, retreat
As soon as the cold hits.
No marches downtown, no more poster board to be made
As we shed our season of trend-directed yelling
And hibernate while the world continues on.

Perhaps instead of going inside, under ground
We continue to make ourselves uncomfortable
Face the elements, and the reality
That the world doesn’t stop because we’ve hit a chill
That we’re completely capable of keeping on
Staying strong, being there
For those who need us to most say:
NO! Not here. Go elsewhere.