12/7/2016: Luke Wiget

Luke brings us a live account from a Kanye show in Nashville just a few months ago. Get into it! #wirehousedaily



iPhone notes from a Kanye West show in Nashville on September 24, 2016 at Bridgestone Arena. Photos and notes unfiltered except for clarity and indicated with brackets. LW


A blond wig

The bud lite is sweet on your lips, bro says to wig.  

A mid thirties writer-type texting someone, drinking coors lite. 

Kids making out. Looking at the old man [me] claim his seat. 

Climbing the seats. 

When I get there to my seat a hipster next to make-up kids says, SWAG.

This is a crowd of people who are still hungry. 

Sitting by ... 

Seeing Radiohead also at a hockey stadium. 

guy booting in the bathroom

Talking to the overweight make-up artist about changing city.

[after I moved down into better, less cramped seats]

white ladies next to me in the good/better seats texting and drinking tall cans and later leaving early

I feel like I'm in a movie or something. 

Kanye: This is what rap music is. This is what art is. 

With Tyler the creator

Whinier than I imagined. 

White guys losing their minds in front of me. 

Talking to the cop before the show starts about his daughters. I tell him I have a kid [she’s in California at the moment]

The old writer type sadly standing and never moving at all while behind him blonds Instagram and juggle vodka sodas

No effort to make the [show] video good, I think they are making it bad for a point. A reason. 

The video and view were released gradually, if not artistically. 

Bibby b[asket] ball jersey

Drunk white kids emoting wild and free and I've never felt that loose before. 

Bibby took his white undershirt off

A tether on the mic to Kanye’s wrist

Throwing shit off the stage

The odd safety rig strapped to him

Kanye: Fashion show they were very mean to me. Tonight I'm gonna research it. 

And he Broak into mean to me. [?]

All in auto tune – [“]You will feel my pain.[”] 

Fuck public opinion he says and talks about merch.


I've sold more merch than the pope. 

How do you keep people impoverished? You make me feel like I could be somebody. 

The white kids in front are still. 

My focus

This is my vision. I didn't have nothing to do with those prices. 

I am the Tupac of apparel. 

Steve jobs is gone. 

The hallways are smoked over. [I’m leaving here, a little before the show’s over.]

K: I'm the greatest artist living.