12/18/2016: Luke Wiget

On this quiet Sunday afternoon, we suggest curling up with your favorite jazz record(s) and HAIKU by Luke for #wirehousedaily.

Paired with a photo by wackystuff (from Flickr).


A book of matches
Cherry blossoms
Into the dark. 

Is in the blue in between
The_ _ _ _ . 

In the blue dark
A garbage man yells
Last night’s scores. 

The wave curls,
Pauses, breaks, and finds
The bottom just fine. 

8th Ave. window is
Filled with sheet. Spring is
Held back by white. 

Cobalt blues. 
Under summer blues. 
In between blues. 

All the trees sing. 
The street is washed in light. All
is blue as a vein.