12/15/2016: Luke Wiget

We continue Luke's theme of WORK this week we present a few quick sketches he put together on his way to the daily grind. Get into it. #wirehousedaily

Bums stroll Broadway with
found cigarettes
while I head for a
first day at another new

I come down to it,
stop at Broad and fourth
and wait

behind three construction workers
squinting into the sun,
swearing, smoking, spitting,
waiting for the light.

I spit and just miss

Across the street
a sad one, a bum
in teal scrubs
sips teal mouthwash
from a fifth of the stuff
on the steps of another country
music club.

He waits and smokes.
No, he sits and smokes.  
Now it’s only weight,
exchange, and is.
Now all you do
is trade one neon for another.

My light goes green and
I find myself in the street.