1/15/2018: Emilee Bandita

"Suddenly, It Got Scary"

From Emilee: "In my teenage years I was always a slow eater, I would get food stuck in my throat a lot when I ate and stopped swallowing pills because they would always get stuck. Then, one day I was out to lunch with my friend and I just couldn’t eat it. I was choking on even the smallest bites. After over an hour, she looked at me and said “Maybe... you should just stop?” I got home and cried. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. I still couldn’t eat. I would even have water and other liquids stop in my throat. The doctors weren’t taking me seriously, I thought I was going to die."

from Interruptions// by Emilee Bandita for #wirehousedaily


1/6/2018: Emilee Bandita

“It’s 11:00AM on Sunday, Again.”

From Interruptions// by Emilee Bandita

Regarding this week's series of Interruptions//, Emilee says: “My parents split their time with me and my brother 50/50. I had a paper bag that I carried back and forth each week. It had things in it that I didn’t want to leave at either house for the week. It included an old walkman and my case of CDs, a notebook, sketchbook, my worry rocks...things like that. One time it ripped and instead of unpacking the bag, I simply put the ripped bag inside of another paper bag. The bag had almost become a permanent part of me. Over ten years later, I still remember exactly what it looked like.”


1/1/2018: Emilee Bandita

New month, new #wirehousedaily artist! Please welcome Emilee Bandita as January's Daily artist!


Emilee Bandita is an artist who focuses her work on the things that exist in all of us but are things that cannot be seen. She studies the human condition and fully embraces that humans are ever-changing beings. Emilee believes that we exist in physical, organic bodies which help us recognize our commonalities but through art she hopes to play with contrast and visual metaphors to create connectivity between the things we don't usually see in each other. The parts that can bring us together or set us apart, what really matters.

Emilee is going to be sharing work under the theme Interruptions//. About the series, Emilee says: For this series I plan on doing illustrations under the theme of interruptions. In this case, I consider interruptions to be instances in life that happen that set one off in a different direction than they thought they were going in. Each week I will do a series of illustrations per one "interruption" that happened in my life. 

Her title piece is below. Stay tuned to see her series of Interruptions over the month of January!

Day 1.jpeg

12/31/2017: Dillon Arloff

"New year, new incarnation."

from "Dark Arts for Weird Times" by Dillon Arloff for #wirehousedaily!


This our last piece from Dillon and his series. It's been such a blast sharing his work- make sure to follow him on Instagram @d_arloff and check out his website for all that is to come. Thank you, Dillon!

New #wirehousedaily artist is coming up tomorrow! Until then, have a safe and happy new year!