WHCO Series No. 6: TRYST

Wirehouse returned in 2017 with their sixth series event- this time with a sultry theme of TRYST. We held our event at Hungry Brain, a dive / performance bar in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago. We brought music and poetry and a hilariously fun audience exercise in which they had to find their matching tryst partner. The theme was a very expansive one and we covered all corners of happiness, sexiness, loneliness and more. Thanks for joining us!

Hungry Brain - Hosting Venue
Dustin Currier - Co-Producer
Sarah Beckett - Paper Materials Designer
Colin Beckett - Event Photographer
Jessica Mlinaric - Marketing Help

Performers / Contributors
Paul Karner & Friends - Musicians
Teagan Walsh - Davis - Poet
Bianca Phipps - Poet
Joseph Ramski - Poet
Felix Mayes - Poet
Nikki Faust - Audience Interaction Designer