Designed by Caitlin Leman

Designed by Caitlin Leman

WHCO Series No. 4 - NEUROSIS

We are crazy proud of the show we put together for WHCO #4 under the theme NEUROSIS. We returned to The Lincoln Loft for our performance venue and Whitney LaMora Currier joined once again as the show's emcee. Our night was structured slightly differently than the previous- as we presented three performing acts who performed three times over the span of the night.

We had a blast and we hope you did too! 

The Lincoln Loft - Producer
Colin Beckett - Event Photographer
Dustin Currier - Producer
Caitlin Leman - Calligraphist / Event Designer

Performers / Contributors
Becky Blomgren - Actor
Brenda Scott Wlazlo - Actor
Whitney LaMora Currier - Playwright / Host
Kristy Leushen - Writer
Lauren LoPiccolo Nanna - Musician
Bob Nanna - Musician
Matt Austin - Photographer
Jeffrey Michael Austin - Photographer / Videographer