Lita Poliakova - October 2017


Collage artist Lita Poliakova joined us for Wirehouse Daily in October. Her work was 31 pieces called the Reddy Men series. Regarding the series Lita says: "Luxury novas!  Multigender animals, starving and gnawing, racists and representatives of different races all of us gather together here! For the family council, fashionista and herpes joins us! Squeeze into a framework, with glittery guts! To discuss the perspectives, queer assets allocation. Circus gait, leash wagging, we will find the reasons to humiliate and not only kill with words. And why are you so improperly dressed, leper? Historically doomed? Clatter with fur fetters, put on templates and reconsider regrets! Hey, nasty, dare to join the Reddy Men dynasty!"

Check out the Reddy Men series below, then follow Lita on her website and Instagram @litacollage!