Emilee Bandita, January 2018


Artist Emilee Bandita joined us in January 2018 with a series of work titled Interruptions//. 

Emilee Bandita is an artist who focuses her work on the things that exist in all of us but are things that cannot be seen. She studies the human condition and fully embraces that humans are ever-changing beings. Emilee believes that we exist in physical, organic bodies which help us recognize our commonalities but through art she hopes to play with contrast and visual metaphors to create connectivity between the things we don't usually see in each other. The parts that can bring us together or set us apart, what really matters.

About the series, Emilee says: For this series I plan on doing illustrations under the theme of interruptions. In this case, I consider interruptions to be instances in life that happen that set one off in a different direction than they thought they were going in. Each week I will do a series of illustrations per one "interruption" that happened in my life. 

Check out the series below and make sure to follow Emilee on Instagram @emileebandita!