December 2017 - Dillon Arloff


Illustrator and designer Dillon Arloff joined us in December, sharing 31 works under the theme "Dark Arts for Weird Times". Dillon works in a handful of mediums such as traditional and digital illustration, painting, and hand drawn animation. He’s created gig posters and album art for musicians around the globe. Locally he is known as ‘the Guillermo del Torro of the north side’.

In regards to the work, Dillon says: "“Dark Arts for Weird Times” is a humorous exploration of modern life. The series explores themes ranging from corporate-first culture to the American dream. While at times the works explore the feelings of helplessness and uncertainty, the end goal of these works is to force the viewer to question their own relationship with modern society. I hope this series empowers you to laugh a little more, think a little harder, and to always remember to enjoy the ride."

Check out the series in its entirety below, then make sure to follow Dillon on his Instagram and website!